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  • Twilight Empires Campaign Setting

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    Twilight Empires is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible campaign world created exclusively by Fantasist Enterprises.

    Welcome to the world of Tavel. A land that knew thousands of years of perfect peace, and has known countless millennia of war and destruction.

    It is now the 511th year of the 5th Age of Tavel in the 3rd Great Age of Creation, and though the original mortal makers of evil, the mythical Tribe of Elysium, the Kehe-Elvais or Dark Elves, have disappeared into the mist of time, the world is touched by more evil and corruption than they could have dreamed.

    The Empire of the Wolf, which spanned nearly all the known world in its prime, has now crumbled. The Elves, under the leadership of the mysterious Brotherhood of the Wolf, vainly attempted to bring order from chaos, light from dark, through military conquest in order to write the future of the world in their own image. Now, though, after their numbers grew dangerously low due to ill-advised expansion and costly defeats and equally costly victories, the Tribe of Elechiem has retreated to their island home to lick their wounds and attempt to rebuild their society.

    Their cousin-brothers, the Tribe of Elvoi, after having been pulled into service with the Elec have lost any and all semblance of organization and now travel the world as adventurers and loners, though they still prefer to live their lives amongst the trees.

    The Mensch, a race of dwarves, live in elaborate clans deep within the mountains and deserts of Southern Felsblock. To the north of them, in swamps and bogs live the orcs, a now twisted and vile race with little more than violence on their minds. Even farther to the north are the lands of the giants. Though the Fire Giants and Fomorians are evil and destructive, the most powerful group, the Nords, are good and generous to their smaller Yuladeem cousins.

    Deep within the Jungles of Southern Huledet, the Lizardmen, an ancient and enigmatic race, continue the war that raged around them even as they woke many millennia ago. While they scheme and fight pitched battles, all over the world, small pockets of Halfling and Gnome communities live in relative peace, their small stature causing them to wish to avoid lives of war.

    It is in this age, thought the 5th Age of Tavel in the 3rd Age of Creation, that human beings, the last of the Yuladeem to awaken on Tavel, are finally making their presence known. Families grow in power, human kings rule kingdoms, and lands trade hands as result of intrigue as well as outright violence.

    The 5th Age is a time of opportunity. A lone figure with a sword at his side can carve out a dynasty or could fight to retain old powers and traditions. Prestige and power is ripe for the picking, but will it be plucked for good or ill?

    The Sages have yet to declare this the Age of Man, though some feel it is inevitable. Humans have the chance to change the name of an age. Will you take part and make your mark?

    All of creation had a beginning, not everything has an end.