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  • Veins: The Soundtrack

    by Lawrence C. Connolly

    Compact Disc

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    6 Tracks
    2 Bonus Tracks
    Total Run Time: 38:13
    UPC: 700261267371
    ID#: FE-934571-00-2

    For more information about the book, including a FAQ list with the author, check out the Veins Cycle Media Kit.


    Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to take your reading experience to a whole new level. With Veins: The Soundtrack, author and musician Lawrence C. Connolly provides a series of instrumental soundscapes inspired by themes and scenes from his critically acclaimed supernatural thriller Veins. Performing with his band, Connolly delivers a mix of trance, rock, and ambient compositions designed to complement the book that has already made the Preliminary Ballot for the 2008 Bram Stoker Award.

    The CD also includes two music and spoken-word bonus tracks, each showcasing a complete story from Visions, Connolly’s upcoming collection of science fiction and fantasy stories from Fantasist Enterprises.

    Packaged with Star E. Olson’s distinctive cover art and including a synopsis and full production credits, Veins: The Soundtrack is a must for every dark fantasy reader.

    Read the book. Hear the soundtrack. Enter a world where fantasy lives.

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