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  • Masterpiece Transformers and MP-Style Third-Party Transformers

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    We focus on official Masterpiece Transformers by Takara and third-party Masterpiece-style Transformers by Fans Toys, DX9, Xtransbots, Zeta, and Gigapower (awesome huge Dinobots).

    Looking for something we aren’t listing? We can order just about any third-party Transformer, not just Masterpiece-style. Contact us at payments (at) fantasistent (dot) com for special requests.

    Coming Soon

    FansToys Quietus (Cyclonus

    GigaPower Guttur (Snarl)

    FansToys Hoodlum (Hotrod)

    GigaPower Guadenter (Swoop)

    X-Transbots Arkose (Beachcomber)

    GigaPower Superator (Grimlock)

    I’ve been a fan of the Transformers since day one. Optimus, Bumblebee, and Hound were my favorites, but I loved them all. I still remember the thrill of seeing that iconic packaging in stores. Who was it lurking on the shelves? Sometimes, I was lucky enough that Mom or Dad or even a grandparent would buy me one. I will never forget trying to put Devastator together or coming home from being away at my grandparents’ for a couple weeks to Grimlock standing on my dresser.

    That’s why it’s probably dangerous that I discovered the world of Masterpiece Transformers and third-party Masterpiece-style figures. They bring me much the same feeling of joy and wonder now as an adult.

    So, I figured I should use my business to help fund my hobby while bringing the joy I feel to other collectors.