Middle Earth CCG

Middle Earth CCG

Players take the role of the Istari: Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, Pallando, and Alatar – in the struggle against Sauron in Middle-Earth. Each player competes to bring the greatest strength to bear against the Shadow, including Factions such as the Riders of Rohan or the Great Eagles, allies like Gwaihir or Shadowfax, items such as the lost Palantiri, Glamdring, or Narsil, and the completion of various quests – from the relatively straightforward rescue of prisoners through the involved Reforging of the Sword that was Broken, restoration of the White Tree to Minas Tirith, or the quest of quests, the destruction of the One Ring.

Players build decks in which half are composed of resource cards and half of hazards, dedicated to the stopping of your opponent. This is where the big bad guys come in, with cards for the 9 Nazgul, a couple Dragons, Shelob, and the Balrog.

Main Set

Middle Earth CCG: The Wizards

Expansion Sets

Middle Earth CCG: Dark Minions
Middle Earth CCG: Dragons