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  • Games Workshop

    Games Workshop are the makers of some of the most popular miniatures games in the industry–and the creators of some of the most darkly original worlds in fantasy and science fiction.

    Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles

    The sky is filled with dozens of arrows, as the elves let loose. Many hit their mark, and a dozen goblins fall to the ground clutching wounds. The rest falter for a moment, but continue their charge into the elven archers. Bitter hand-to-hand combat breaks out, elven and goblin blood mixing on the ground. The poorly armored archers seem hard pressed by the much greater numbers of the goblins, elves falling under the sheer weight of numbers. It finally ends, the lifeless bodies of elves and goblins alike being plundered by the remaining greenskins.

    Warhammer 40,000

    Brother Kide falls to the ground, a bullet having penetrated the thick aromor of his helmet. “Get into cover!” Sergeant Libis bellows as the sniper shots continue to rain down. “Brother Ibin, flush them out with purifying fire,” the sergeant orders, pointing towards the ruins of a bunker many yards ahead. Peeking around the brick corner of his scant cover, Brother Ibin hefts his missile launcher, taking aim at an open window in the bunker. He smiles behind his helm, as his enhanced vision picks up the quick movement of a sniper glancing out of the aperture. With that he fires, the incendiary missle hitting its target exactly. The screams of orkish voices carry over the plain, as the building collapses in a ball of fire.

    The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game

    Command the forces of good or evil and battle across Middle Earth to decide the future of the world.

    The Black Library

    From the darkest corners of the darkest minds in science fiction and fantasy come tales set in the worlds or Warhammer. These rich settings created for Games Workshop’s lines of games are incredibly complex, with room for unending numbers of different stories. That is the purpose of the Black Library – to disseminate those stories, bringing light to the darkened unknown of the Warhammer universe.

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