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  • Two White Wizards

    Two White Wizards Cover

    Two White Wizards

    script by Andrés Ponce

    art by Dario Brizuela

    Miza and Vester are two wizard novices, anxious to learn the secret spells that will allow them to turn into a “White Wizard,” just like their father and teacher, the great Drazén. He is a big White Wizard who is off protecting his land, Tyrzene. While he is away, his young, restless novices explore endless passageways of the castle where they live, and accidentally uncover the famous Black Diamond, which their father has bewitched.

    According to legend, Drazén, during the final battle with the evil force of “Blackness,” entombed the evil creature inside the Black Diamond, thus banishing it from Tyrzene.

    The curious Miza and Vester, through their carelessness, break the magic container and set the Evil free. Now, the two of them are the only ones capable of solving this situation, since, as it turns out, their father Drazén has been imprisoned. Sadly, the fate of the Black Diamond is now in their inexperienced hands. Thus begins the exciting adventures of Miza and Vester, where they try to survive their frightening encounters with gargoyles dominated by the “Blackness,” an evil White Wizard and a wicked lost brother.

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