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    Gen Con 2013

    June 24th, 2013

    Planning on attending Gen Con Indy this year? Author Lawrence C. Connolly (The Veins Cycle, Visions, Voices) and editor-in-chief W. H. Horner will be presenting their Fiction Fundamentals workshop series.

    Fiction Fundamentals:
    Author Lawrence C. Connolly and editor W. H. Horner, both lecturers and faculty mentors with Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction MFA program, will walk attendees through nine fundamental aspects of writing fiction over the course of three intense workshops roughly analogous to the three stages of writing: planning, drafting, and revising/editing. Attendees are encouraged to come with a new idea for a story, and through activities and handouts they will explore those ideas and expand upon them. While the workshops are geared towards novels, all of the skills and techniques can be transferred to short story writing. Attendance of all three workshops is encouraged, but not required.

    Handouts and worksheets to be provided. Attendees should bring a three-ring notebook and plenty of paper to take notes.

    Fiction Fundamentals Part 1: Plotting and Planning (Event ID: WKS1345344)
    Have you ever wasted time writing rough drafts of stories as you wandered from scene to scene, unsure of how to connect the dots, and only realizing who your protagonist is after you reach what you think is the end of the story? Did you then need to go back and make massive revisions, reworking characters and scenes to make everything flow from the beginning? We can show you how to avoid much of that heartbreaking and time-consuming work. While it may seem like extra work, planning your story, its characters, and the world they inhabit from the beginning will save you time and effort in the long run—and knowing what you need to include will save you a great deal of trial and error.

    Fiction Fundamentals Part 2: Creating Scenes (Event ID: WKS1345345)
    You have a clear direction for your story as well as an understanding of its main characters and its world. Now it’s time to breathe life into your creation. Effective scenes need to grip the reader and keep him or her engaged. You’ll learn how to improve your pacing and how to inject your scenes with emotion. You’ll learn what constitutes quality dialogue and how it operates, and you’ll learn how to truly bring stories to life and how to fill your writing with the details that matter. Exercises will walk attendees through crafting a rough draft of a scene.

    Fiction Fundamentals Part 3: Putting on the Polish (Event ID: WKS1345346)
    You’ve completed the first draft of your story, and since you worked through all the steps of planning and carefully crafting each scene, that means you’re done, right? Not quite. Now’s the time to add layers and make sure that your themes ring true. Only by re-seeing your work can you discover the hidden wonders that your subconscious was working on throughout the drafting process. You probably have a fair amount of grunt work to do as well. All first drafts are littered with mistakes or weak writing. By becoming aware of common pitfalls, you can fix issues in your completed first drafts and begin to avoid them more effectively in future drafts.